Monthly Stargazing

Spot Andromeda from your back yard and see if you can find M31 Galaxy ,It will be visable with Binoculars or a small telescope or with your eyes.


Messier 15 can easily be seen in binoculars and small telescopes, but only appears as a fuzzy patch of light in smaller instruments.

The cluster’s stars can be resolved by 6-inch and larger telescopes.

Amateur telescopes will reveal an object about 7 arc minutes in size visually.

Messier 15 is located 3 ½ degrees west and 2 ¼ degrees north of Enif, Epsilon Pegasi.

As easy way to find the cluster is to first identify the Great Square of Pegasus, an asterism formed by the Pegasus stars MarkabScheat and Algenib with Alpheratz in Andromeda, and then to find Markab, Alpha Pegasi, which marks the southwestern corner.

Happy Hunting

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